How To: Beatbox Tutorial - The Basics

Beatbox Tutorial - The Basics

This video teaches the bare basic sounds and gives you some beats to practice.

Online metronome -

To make the sounds

Kick drum -- Make a "buh" sound. It's like saying "boo" without the "oo". Build up pressure behind your lips to make it louder.

Hi-hat -- Make a simple "t" sound for the closed hi-hat. Add a hiss afterwards for the open hi-hat.

Rimshot -- Make a "kuh" sound using the back of your tongue. If you're having trouble, push the back of your tongue against the top of your mouth and force air from your throat over it. You should get a kind of "strangling" sound. Make this shorter and you'll have it.

Described as "[one] of the finest exponents of the hip-hop discipline" by YouTube's music blog, Fat Tony's tutorial series is THE definitive guide to learning how to beatbox. As featured on and

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